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A look at peer reviewed plant based medicine publications

There a a lot of fine educational websites on cannabinoids and terpenes that site peer reviewed publications and that is it. This site will take a lay person and their medical care provider through the publication, explain the experiments, and foster discussion on how they might apply to a patient.

This site started out as an exploration of endocannabinoids from running and the rightfully maligned Western diet. Then came the phytocannabinoids. Cannabis products are not just phytocannabinoids but also terpenes that travel along to give a desired effect. Then the terpenes, essential oil components, started taking over everything. The goal of this site is evolving into a place where difficult to understand scientific papers are explained in terms that lay people can discuss with their physicians.


(+)borneol is the GABAA receptor with preference for the alpha 2 subunit. This has implications as a terpene entourage of THC and the negative effects of THC on memor.


This post reviews a study on the protective effects of (-) alpha bisabolol on rotenone brain damage in a rat model of Parkinson’s Diseae


This post explores a Korean study of lipid lowering properties of camphene. Other references and images are brought in to explain the study to non experts.

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