This site started out as an exploration of terpenes in cannabis products. The list of terpenes was generated from those detected by a mmj testing laboratory. Essential oils are loaded with terpenes.

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Rosemary Oil for Hair loss

This post explores the top terpenes in rosemary essential oil. What might be the mechanism of these terpenes promoting hair growth?


Valencene is a natural product found in Xylopia sericea and Helichrysum odoratissimum, None of these plants listed by PubChem are very familiar to North Americans. Valencene is apparently found in valencia oranges. [1] María Eugenia Letelier and other scientists from the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universidad de Chile, Santiago developed a protocol for…

Lavender and the Levo 2

I purchased a Levo 2 from Levo Oils to see what I could extract from lavender flowers with the end goal of making a lavender infused coffee creamer. These are the specifications of the product purchased at Natural grocers. Whole organic lavender flowers packed 21-166, SAP 755919, PLU2835 Packaged by Vitamin Cottage IH08:05. I used…

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