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A look at peer reviewed plant based medicine publications

There a a lot of fine educational websites on cannabinoids and terpenes that site peer reviewed publications and that is it. This site will take a lay person and their medical care provider through the publication, explain the experiments, and foster discussion on how they might apply to a patient.

This site started out as an exploration of endocannabinoids from running and the rightfully maligned Western diet. Then came the phytocannabinoids. Cannabis products are not just phytocannabinoids but also terpenes that travel along to give a desired effect. Then the terpenes, essential oil components, started taking over everything. The goal of this site is evolving into a place where difficult to understand scientific papers are explained in terms that lay people can discuss with their physicians.


Which strains of cannabis that are a good source of α-pinene is difficult to determine. Of all of the terpenes in cannabis, the investigators at the John Hopkins University Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit is only considering the entourage of α-pinene and THC in their observational clinical trial. This post will make a case for α-pineneContinue reading “alpha-pinene”


One of the first reports of a α-humulene comes from a company called Xenova in Slough Berkshire, UK. [1] Like many, they were looking for GABAA receptor modulators. “Recall that GABAA “receptors” are also chloride channels that, when open, lead to hyperpolarization and inhibition of neurotransmitter release. Benzodiazepines a class of modulators that increase theContinue reading “Humulene”


The purpose of this post is to explain some nuances of a publication suggesting that sesquiterpenes bind to the first transmembrane M1 domain of the α1 sub unit of GABAA. [1] The same group that provided the X-ray crystal structure for a neurosteroid binding site that Janzen et al used later published a paper showingContinue reading “GABAA and PIP2”

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