Lavender and the Levo 2

I purchased a Levo 2 from Levo Oils to see what I could extract from lavender flowers with the end goal of making a lavender infused coffee creamer.

These are the specifications of the product purchased at Natural grocers. Whole organic lavender flowers packed 21-166, SAP 755919, PLU2835 Packaged by Vitamin Cottage IH08:05. I used 5 g of the lavender flowers and extracted into 175 mL Kroger brand soybean oil with the hopes that the terpenes in soybean oil would be minimal. (I’ve used olive oil too with good results.)

  • Drying time: 15 min @ 115oF
  • Infusing time: 2 hour @ 175oF

This is the terpene profile of the raw flowers using a GC-FID protocol with a library of 30 of the most common terpens in Cannabis.

The terpene profile of raw lavender flowers.

This is an awesome profile in my opinion based on my research on SIlexan, a German lavender based anti-anxiety medicine. At first I was a little bit disappointed that my extract was below the limit of quantitation.

Then I was really happy that I extracted a detectable amount of linalool, terpinolene, isopulegol, Maybe the β-caryophyllene got oxidized in the drying and/or extracting process. Overall, I was extremely pleased with these results. I made the coffee creamer with about equal parts of the infused soybean oil and water with lecithin. I did not get the lecithin from Levo Oils, but I could had.

There have been many reports of linalool and linalool acetate targets, the most realistic dose is the Cav2.2 voltage gated calcium channel, otherwise known as a target for Lyrica. Isopulego seems to be a postive allosteric modulator of the GABAA receptor as are benzodiazapines. My research on geraniol suggests that it binds to a PPAR transcription factor family member that regulates fatty acid metabolism.

This is the beauty of the Levo 2. It allows us to standardize extractions on where we want to take,or not take, plant based medicine. I find the Levo2 produced lavender infused oil, but I know I’m not approaching doses used in clinical trials of the linalool in Silexan.

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