Pulegol and Curcumol

Curcumol is isolated from roots of plants of the family Zingiberaceaegenus {1] Within that family is the G genus Curcumus. North Americans are familiar with this as the common turmeric. Wei and coworkers have published an excellent review on the potential of curcumol to treat various aspects of the cancer process. [1] Isopulegol is theContinue reading “Pulegol and Curcumol”

caryophyllene oxide

Caryophyllene oxide is produced when β-Caryophyllene is exposed to oxygen. The two structures of caryophyllene oxide come from ChEBI and PubChem. Folk medicine inspiration from the Brazilian Rain Forest Baccharis uncinella ,used by the Laklaño Indians, caught the attention of  several groups in Brazil that included Laboratório de Etnofarmacologia. [1].  In their introduction the authorsContinue reading “caryophyllene oxide”